The One Thing You Need To Do Every Day

What is the one thing you need to do every day in order to make stuff happen in your life? You need to take action every single day towards your life goals.

This sounds very simple but it is amazing how easily people get bogged down in thinking, analysing and planning, when actually you just really need to take action. You learn from your experiences rather than reading books or listening to other people.

As the saying goes “talk is cheap”. The one thing that separates winners from losers is that winners take action, they simply do what needs to be done. Once they have a plan they get started. Learn from their mistakes, make the necessary corrections and keep moving forward, all whilst building momentum.

To be successful you have to do what successful people do, and successful people are highly action orientated.

So take action, sign up for that event, book that flight, write that book, start that savings account, book in a personal training session, start that business! Nothing happens until you take action towards achieving your goals.

Planning does have its place, but so often you can spend your whole life waiting for the perfect time to do something. We all know, that there is rarely a perfect time to do anything. It is more important to just get started and learn from your mistakes, gain feedback and make changes as you go along.

The moral of this post is “Do It Now…”. When you have an inspired impulse to do something, take action and do it now.

What did Sylvester Stallone do?

On 24th March 1975, Chuck Wepner an underdog went 15 rounds in the boxing ring with Muhammad Ali, in round 9, he knocked Ali to the ground something no one was expecting to see, Wepner was only seconds away from becoming the World Champion, however, Ali went on to win the fight. Meanwhile Sylvester, a struggling actor at the time, was watching this fight, he had previously considered writing a movie about a down and out fighter getting a title shot, before he saw this fight, he didn’t think his idea was plausible. That night he began to take action, he started writing and 3 days later he had finished the script for Rocky, which went on to win three Oscars and launched Stallone’s multi million dollar movie career. The moral of this story is once you feel inspired with an idea, take action to make it happen.


What Should You Do Next?

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