Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I have recently become a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, so I thought it might be quite helpful if I wrote a blog post on what it actually is!

Following your dreams and reaching your full potential can at times seem impossible. However, an NLP practitioner will often use specialist techniques to help guide you to realise that the only thing holding you back in life, is you.

Neuro: The study of the mind and nervous system (how we think), through which our experience is processed, how we represent the outside world to ourselves via our five senses: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory, gustatory.

Linguistic: The study of language and how we use it. This refers to the way we make sense of that information by organising it into the structure of language.

Programming: The sequence of our actions; how we motivate ourselves to achieve our goals. This refers to how we interpret the world and how we control our daily actions, choices and behaviours.


What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is how we use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

NLP is thought to be one of the most effective and accessible self-help methods to come from modern psychology. NLP techniques can help reprogramme clients’ patterns of thinking and behaving.

Maybe you’ve never been given the opportunity, or your responsibilities are holding you back from reaching your goals. While a daily routine and habit can be difficult to break out of, the excuses you tell yourself are not what is stopping you from achieving your goals.

NLP practitioners harness the power of language to break down the mental barriers we unknowingly create for ourselves – limiting beliefs. Because of this, NLP is considered to be one of the most useful and accessible tools to come from modern psychology. NLP can be used successfully in:

  • helping others achieve their goals
  • setting outcomes
  • feeling confident
  • overcoming limitations
  • breaking down the barrier to success
  • weight loss
  • anxiety
  • stopping smoking

NLP is used to teach us how changing the way we perceive the world can lead us to adjust and adapt our behaviours in order to live the life we dream of. An NLP coach will work to encourage the client to move out of their comfort zones. Breaking barriers and taking chances only helps to develop a fuller, happier and infinitely more satisfying life.

Regardless of what happens to a person during his or her life, it is the way they look at the situation that affects the experience. By altering the way different words and associations shape a person’s network of vocabularies, they can begin to change the way they think and their perception of the world.


Example – Confidence

It is common for people to see an NLP practitioner for relief from their own fears and limitations. The techniques used can help the person break the old habits and beliefs and gain new opportunities. NLP is effective in boosting an individual’s confidence by teaching them how to make decisions based on their dreams, rather than fears.


What Should You Do Next?

I am an accredited life coach and certified NLP Practitioner and I love encouraging, motivating and inspiring my clients to achieve their goals and ambitions. If you think you could benefit from a life coach then please book in for your free 25 minute mini life coaching session at a time convenient for you: