Champagne Breakfast for Ambitious Ladies

On the 13th January I hosted my first champagne breakfast for ambitious ladies at the fabulous 5 star Sanderson Hotel in central London. Below I have detailed a description of the event.


Description of the Event

This breakfast was all about building relationships with ambitious ladies as I really believe that the people you surround yourself with are the key to your success.

I hosted this champagne breakfast for 10 ambitious ladies (including myself) on the 13th January at the fabulous Sanderson Hotel from 8.30am – 10.00am. We actually didn’t finish till around 11am, as we were having such a good time!

During the delicious breakfast everyone wrote down and discussed their top three goals with target dates and actions plans. As the host, my role was to hold all the attendees accountable to achieving their goals, so I am in charge of emailing or whatsapping to follow up with the ladies to get an update on their progress and to celebrate future wins with them!

I am a big believer in the fact that people with clear written goals achieve so much more than people without them.

A dream written down becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dream come true.


I sent out a menu selection to the attendees before the event, so on the day it was easy for me to just hand our breakfast order to our Maitre D’ (Gaby) so we could get on with the focus of the event which was all about meeting each other and also writing down our top three goals. Throughout the breakfast, I went and sat with each one of the ladies and talked through their goals and provided some tips on how to make them more specific so we would both know when the goal would be achieved (or not yet achieved). A really lovely group of ladies attended the event and everyone got on so well that we ended up staying till about 11am. I could have spent a lot longer talking to each of the ladies, but time ran away from us.


Throughout this process the delicious breakfast, teas, coffees, juices and of course the champagne were delivered to us. We were looked after very well by Gaby, who said that we had a very positive vibe about us and that he enjoyed serving us breakfast. He also provided a selection of pastries, muffins and toast at no extra charge.


I really enjoyed meeting all the ladies, some I had met before at other networking events or workshops that I had previously hosted. It was fantastic to get an update on what each of the ladies had been up to since I had initially met them. One story in particular comes to mind, I met a lovely girl at one of my workshops about 8 months ago, she was working in a bank in the City at the time and absolutely hated it, she looked pretty stressed out and at a bit of a crossroads in her life. Roll forward eight months and she had quit her job, qualified as a personal trainer, met her boyfriend at the gym, over 6,000 followers on Instagram and she just looked really happy with how everything had come together, which for me was really amazing to see and just goes to show, that you are in charge of what happens in your life and you are in charge of setting yourself amazing goals in order to make stuff happen.


Following the breakfast, I am now holding the ladies accountable for achieving the goals that they set themselves. I have sent them all useful information that may help them to achieve their goals e.g. top dating tips (email me if you would like me to send you this), confidence tips, toastmaster details for public speaking, top tips on fun activities, book recommendations etc. I have also started a whatapp conversation with them all, with the top post of the thread being a photo of the goals they set themselves.


I am doing this because I really want to inspire and motivate ladies to set and achieve amazing goals.


Would you Like to Attend a Future event?

I enjoyed hosting this workshop so much that I have decided to make it at least a monthly event, alternating between a Friday (8.30am – 10am) and a Saturday (10am – 11.30am). If you are interested in attending the next event, please click here for ticket details for the February 4th.